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Application process and key dates

Application period October 1st - November 15th
Applicant suitability criteria Students who meet criteria 1 and either 2 or 3 below can apply;
1. Born before the 1st of April, 2001, and due to complete Y9 before April 2016
2. Hold a non-Japanese passport
3. Currently studying at school outside of Japan
Documents required
(email submission only)
1. Application form (Download from here)
2. Certified copies of evidence of English and/or Japanese ability level (see guidelines in 4)
3. Verification letter of current school in attendance
4. Certified copies of full-academic transcript from Junior High School  translated into English or Japanese
5. Information outlining the topic areas and academic skills covered in Mathematics and Science in the current school year and  translated into English or Japanese
6. Letter of recommendation from a current teacher
7. Essay in English or Japanese (details below)
8. Certified copy of passport
Entrance exam fee \ 17,000@(Payment method will be sent upon receipt of the application documents)
Skype interviews scheduled First week of December
Application outcome Second week of December
Where to send the application documents eisu-intl@eisu-ejs.ac.jp

Application assessment outline

a. All students must complete the assessment tasks indicated in the table below as part of the application process.
b. The essay component of this assessment must be submitted via email with the application documents listed above and be the unassisted, original work of the student. Students may be asked about the content of the essay during the interview process.

Diploma Programme - English Diploma Programme - Dual-language
(Japanese + English)
1. Essay in English:
    Pt A: Why I would like to study the IB
    Diploma Programme in Japan
    Pt B: My post-IB Diploma course career
2. Math test (Conducted during skype interview)
3. Interview by Skype - 60 min
1. Essay in Japanese and English:
    Pt A (Japanese): Why I would like to study
    the IB Diploma Programme in Japan
    Pt B (English): My post-IB Diploma course career
2. Math test (Conducted during skype interview)
3. Interview by Skype - 60 min