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Kake Group Network

Kake Group consists of 7 educational institutions and 30 schools throughout Japan. We share the same school philosophy to educate students who can contribute to the world. Using this network, students can have academic and specialized learning experiences in the affiliated schools, universities and colleges of Kake Group.

Okayama University of Science (OUS)      http://www.ous.ac.jp/
Located in Okayama prefecture, OUS offers undergraduate classes in areas of Science, Engineering, Informatics and Biosphere-geosphere Science, and graduate classes in areas of Science, Engineering and Informatics. OUS offers Japanese language classes for international students and provides career support.

Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts (KUSA)      http://www.kusa.ac.jp/
Also located in Okayama prefecture, KUSA offers three main college programs; The Arts, Science & Industrial Technology, and Life Science; both at undergraduate and graduate levels. The Media and Visual Art Department, in particular, offer Manga and Anime courses for aspiring manga writers.

Chiba Institute of Science (CIS)      http://www.cis.ac.jp/
Located in Chiba prefecture, Kanto area, CIS offers the Faculties of Pharmacy, and Risk & Crisis Management both at undergraduate and graduate levels, and the Faculty of Nursing at undergraduate level.