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EISUGAKKAN Junior High School - Advanced Class / Global Studies Class

During the three years of Junior High School, Eisugakkan establishes a 'foundation for learning' by emphasizing studies in the basic subjects to promote student goals as they progress through high school and university to subsequently become active participants in future global society. Classes in Japanese language, GSP Original Courses, IELP (Intensive English Language Program) help enhance areas in self-expression, flexible thinking, and the ability to present one's opinion.

Educational goals

  1. (1) Growth in Academic Ability

    • ・Weekly assessments to review studies with supplementary classes if necessary
    • ・Subjects taught in English for 'G Class' are reviewed in Japanese.
    • ・Emphasis on fundamental learning in reading, listening, thinking, speaking, and writing.
  2. (2) Global Education

    • ・Fostering the ability to explain theoretically by thinking and working to understand different values.
    • ・Improving communication skills in English.
    • ・Overseas programs. Opportunities to have an enriching learning experience.
  3. (3) Individual Growth

    • ・Though students work collaboratively, emphasis will simultaneously be placed on importance of individual needs by enabling each student to visualize and plan their 'Dream' in his/her student handbook.
    • ・Students are encouraged to constantly reflect on their future goals and place in society.
    • ・Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled periodically to discuss academic achievement and new goals.

Class Description

Advanced Class

This program holds a tradition of over 30 years. The curriculum stresses fundamental learning for high school and Intensive English Language Program (IELP) that allows students the experience of studying under teachers who are native English speakers. Emphasis in both Japanese and English languages cultivate the ability to present, express, and gain flexible thinking to increase reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Education focuses on 'Basic Academic Achievement' for students to work towards high school and university admission. Total number of class hours of 36 hours/week is more than other schools (average 29 hours/week) but 3 hours of classes are included on Saturdays, which give ample time for students to enjoy extracurricular activities during weekdays.

Global Studies Class

This program aims to develop global leaders in society through a curriculum where students work to improve their ability to study, think, and express themselves in English. 'Class G1' is for students who are already capable of understanding classes taught in English by teachers who are native English speakers, while 'Class G2' is for students who wish to enter a program where classes are taught in English from junior high school.

Class G1

Class G1 is taught by teachers who are native speakers of English specializing in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Art, and ICT as well as English language itself. Classroom textbooks are the same as those used in schools overseas. Students communicate in English during classes where activities are done in English. Class time totals 36hours/week, plus 3 hours of class on Saturdays. Eisugakkan is looking towards implementing the International Baccaulaureate Diploma Programme in the future.

Class G2

Students seeking enrollment in the Global Studies Class from junior high school must take four hours of intensive English in Eisugakkan's IELP (Intensive English Language Program). (Class A has 2 hours of IELP) Class G2 has its own specialized curriculum, where students have among their goals to join classes that are taught in English by native English speaking teachers after three years of study in junior high school.

Entrance Fees and Tuition (JPY)

Class Entrance Fee Tuition (monthly)
Tuition Practicum Fee Facility Fee Activity Fee Total
Advanced Class 200,000 23,0002,5005,5004,00035,000
Global Studies Class 30,00020,00010,0005,00065,000